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If this is Wednesday . . . . .

(August 13, 2014) . . . then we must be in Bristol. As most of you may know, we decided to move our return date up about two weeks for several reasons. The first was to give us more time

Alas, back in the land of reasonable Internet connections

We are in Mystic, CT, just preparing to visit the Mystic Seaport. As a boat lover, I feel I am in the right place. Plus, it might be considered that we are traveling in a land yacht? Weather is decent

We have re-entered the country

(July 27, 2014) We are now back in the good ole USA again. We spent last evening in a real pleasant campground in Drummond, Quebec just east of Montreal. It was a collection of campers in all styles. I was

Then, there was our city

(July 22, 2014) Quebec City is a special place for the two of us. It was the main stop in our whirlwind honeymoon in 1969. Being on a short budget, we planned each leg of our trip to make the

A Whale of a deal

There are several companies that take interested parties out for several hours to roll-the-dice and see if whales appear. We chose Petit Passage because of their reviews on TripAdvisor.com and because they were closest to our campground. Close was relative

Enroute joys

We thought we might have to resort to the standby Wal-Mart overnight but two good things happened. First, there were no stores near where we needed to stay. Second, we found a community municipal campground on Lake Timiscouata in the

On the road to Quebec City, sort of

(Post 2, July 16, 2014) I know I still owe you pictures of our whaling expedition but they will have to wait until better Internet connections. We left Truro yesterday morning as it began to rain. It has remained raining

I have a table of three that is hungry!

(July 16, 2014) I know I am behind on getting updates out but it has been difficult to find time and decent Internet access at the same point. Oh, well. That is another whole story. We spent two nights back

Bummer! We lost 50% of our guests . . .

(July 9, 2014) This was the day we had to take Melissa to Halifax for her chariot ride home. We enjoyed the short time with her and look forward to the time the whole family gets together near Quebec City.

They are here!

(July 8, 2014) I believe it is time to catch up a bit with our adventures in Nova Scotia. We have been quite busy since the arrival of our two houseguests, Melissa and Laura. Unfortunately, we must take Melissa to

Back in the driver’s seat again

(July 6th, 2014) Well, the wind came and left us just the same as we were before it arrived. It turned out we made a very smart decision to leave PEI two days early. The ferry shut down and they

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Not the fanciest . . .

We may not be in a fancy campground with a good view but we can be assured the crew is keeping up with things as Arthur blows through. We have gusts to about 50mph pretty regularly. Not bad but it

As luck will have it . . .

The weather prediction for Arthur’s arrival near Eastern Canada is “unsure”. We have had a few days to enjoy PEI and have found it to be a beautiful place with extremely friendly people. Across Canada, we have seen countless families

Post Image

New, not-friend Arthur

Sitting here in Clamdiggers in Georgetown, PEI hearing everyone talk about the storm headed this way for the weekend. That is NOT part of our itinerary!

Gas station conversation

(June 30th, 2014) I have been struck, within Canada, about how polite, engaging and trustful operators of most gas stations seem to be. Every one from Mom & Pop stations to larger multi-pump stations have welcomed us. Perhaps it is

Puffin along the birdie trail . . .

(June 26, 2014) This post skips a beautiful day driving the Cabot Trail. It was a long day but filled with beautiful sights. I will catch up at some time and put together something for that day. We are moving

A Real Bore – and that is exactly what we wanted

(June 24, 2014) Sunday evening, that down day between our 45th Anniversary and my 67th birthday, we were staying in Truro, Nova Scotia, and decided we were ready to be bored. We really didn’t believe it would happen, but, sports

Right here in the middle of our own movie set?

June 21, 2014 You’ll have to bear with me on this, please. It all came together this evening. Remember the movie, “Dirty Dancing”? It has always been a favorite of each of us and now, we feel like we are

Channeling Eleanor Roosevelt?

What a great day we had today on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada, not too far from our latest home in Winter Harbor, Maine. Campobello was the summer hideout for the Roosevelts for many years and Dianne and I could

Warmer with a chance of Lobsta Rolls!

We are now in Winter Harbor, ME at a relatively new campground for RV travelers. This is its second year. Tiny, by most standards, it has only ten sites. Right now, we are the only occupants and could choose our

A Drippy Update

Not a lot to report other than we ARE having a great time, weather aside. Even rain can’t make Maine look bad. Might make it a bit uncomfortable, but it is still beautiful. Our stay in Salisbury was quite nice.

Comments now allowed with a bit more convenience

Should you care to, comments can now be left without major sign-up issues. I believe you can also subscribe to receive new posts. This modern world – what is it coming to. Good day today! We capped it off with

Shakey start to a good trip!!!

All has gone well for us the first few days with the exception of having to travel along the northern road system. I think we bounced up and down as much as we progressed forward. This was not a good

On the road … at last

Wednesday and Thursday were busy days. Besides packing for the trip, we spent some real special time with friends, saying, “See you in September”. We celebrated Dianne’s mother’s ninety-first birthday. What a time that was. She is pretty spry and

Almost “Rambling” again

My intentions to keep this thing going were interrupted by a bit of bad health – go figure! Dianne and I will do better moving forward. And, moving forward is what we intend to do within the next week. Last